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Posted at 9:06 AM on Sunday 2 May 2010
An interesting article on the Laterlife Today page which is probably worth a look? What do you think?
Posted at 9:07 AM on Monday 3 May 2010
I'm really surprised that there are only 4 out of 10 older voters.

It's worrying at the moment listening to the news about the amount of 'undecided' voters still out there.. How can people be undecided about who to vote for??

Don't they have any principles or policies they feel are important? I've always known who to vote for and no electioneering/spin would change my mind.

Or perhaps they are people who wonder what their country can do for them rather than what they can do for their country. Grrr...
Posted at 11:21 AM on Wednesday 5 May 2010
I think it's very easy to be undecided. There are large numbers of people who, for assorted reasons, have always voted for one party or another and nothing would ever make them change. In a normal competition you vote for one thing: best singer, painting, athlete etc. But with an election it is far more complex. One might like this party's ideas on the economy but distrust their intentions on the NHS or that party's plans for education but vehemtly opposed to their manifesto for immigration. But of course, we can't cherry pick. As for the party leaders and the majority of their 'cabinets' irrespective of your party allegiance, would you believe and trust ANY of them? Locally to me the incumbent MP has been caught up in the expenses scandal but his main opposition has told a number of blatant lies as part of his campaign and has been forced to apologise in the press for 'accidental inaccuracies'. I repeat I think it is very easy to be undecided about which corrupt, deceitful politician I want to represent me.